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Map of New Zealand

Our working relationships

We strive for a close working relationship with our customers, production specialists and breeders, through regular written and verbal reports, and regular interactive visits.

Ariki Seed currently grows crops with both commercial growers and our own tunnel houses and production fields.

For large-scale work, Ariki Seed holds long-term strategic alliances with growers and specialised contractors, so we are able to cater for clients of all sizes.

The local climate

Ariki Seed's production areas are Canterbury (latitude 44.2) and Blenheim (latitude 42.2).

These areas have a variety of micro-climates which are southern equivalents of Northern Italy, Southern and Northern France, and the North West of USA.

New Zealand has an island climate which is ideal for seed growth; on the South Island, the Southern Alps contribute to rain shadow in Canterbury and Blenheim. The proximity of the ocean with its current from the southern ocean levels the peak summer temperatures, keeping summer temperatures under 30° C.

This east-side current is also responsible for strong temperature fluctuations between day and night. Winters are mild and generally dry. The average monthly rain fall in our production areas is 50 mm per month.

Crop production calendar

You can view our crop production calendar for all our plants for the entire year here.

Alternatively, you can click on the "Growing calendar" links below to view the calendar cycle for each specific type of crop.

Our production portfolio


Cauliflower is one of the core products for Ariki Seed, and we enjoy assisting with its growth throughout its very long cycle.


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  • 170-240 day cycle
  • Tropical


Radish is a staple crop for the Canterbury plains, and the cool nights help produce a reliable seed product.


Growing calendar
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  • Commercial & stock
  • Asian, European, etc


We work with many varieties of cabbage, each having its own strengths and challenges. We will always choose the climate zone best suited to your product.


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  • White, Savoy
  • Brussel sprouts


A large volume crop in Canterbury. The regions where this seed can be produced in Canterbury are perhaps most comparable with Northern France.


Known in New Zealand as "Yellow Flower", hybrid varieties of this product have been grown since 2001.


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  • Campestris and juncea
  • Chinese cabbage, Pak Choy

Garden peas

Garden peas have been a rotation crop for a large number of mixed arable and life stock farms in New Zealand for many generations.


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  • Stock & commercial seed


We have been involved in the spinach crop since 1995, and we have plans to expand this service.

Beet and chard

A bi-annual crop; red beet and chard grow well in Canterbury, since they are well-suited to the cooler growing conditions.

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